Why Would I Want A Fat Bike?

I was waxing lyrical to my friend the other day about how great fat bikes are. As someone who owns a road bike, gravel bike and mountain bike, he asked, why would I want a fat bike? Well, I think I managed to convince him in the end about how great fat bikes are and in this guide, I will tell you what I told him.

For those who want a quick rundown of why you should get a fat bike…

The reasons you should want a fat bike include the improved grip you get from the wider tires. This makes them great for riding on loose surfaces and also for riding in pretty much any weather. They are also comfortable to ride with the lower tire pressures and also provide enhanced balance, which is great for beginners.

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Why Would I Want A Fat Bike

Why Would I Want a Fat Bike?

The following are five of the top reasons you should get a fat bike.

Improved Grip

The first reason you should get a fat bike is that they have a better grip than other bikes due to the wider tires. The wider tires provide a larger contact area with the ground, which gives greater traction and makes it harder for the rider to slip and fall off. This is especially important given that fat bikes are typically used in colder environments where snow or ice can be very slippery.

Can Be Ridden in Any Weather

Fat bikes can be ridden in any weather because the tires have a high volume of snow and sand as well as a low air pressure for better traction on ice and snow. The fat bike was originally designed for use on snow, but people started realizing it could be used for recreation year-round.

Comfortable to Ride

The benefits of a fat bike go far beyond its unique look, which has been described as “comfortable and cuddly”. It’s the low tire pressure that offers a smoother ride. The unique shape of the tire also helps to absorb bumps in the ground. With a wider surface area, the tire will provide a more comfortable ride because it helps to reduce vibrations from passing vehicles.

Better Balance for Beginners

For beginners, the wider tires on fat bikes provide better balance than narrow tires. The wide tires have a larger contact area with the ground which lowers the centre of gravity, making it easier to ride. This is especially true for people with limited upper body strength or mobility challenges. A lower centre of gravity makes riding safer and less tiring as well.

Help You Lose Weight

Many people are starting to cycle for fitness, rather than pure transportation. They usually do this for one of two reasons; they want to lose weight or they want to gain muscle. Appealing to both of these groups, fat bikes have become increasingly popular. With more rolling resistance than a regular bike, it takes more effort to ride one, but the increased strain on the muscles can help develop them and lead to weight loss- which is perfect for those who are looking to shed pounds.

Is a Fat Bike Worth It?

The fat bike trend has taken off, but does it live up to the hype? From fitness enthusiasts to winter warriors, the answer seems to be yes. The popularity of this bike is due in part to its versatility and ability to tackle all types of terrain. It’s also an easy transition for people who are already familiar with cycling, considering all you need is a pair of comfortable shoes.

If you’re not sure about spending a few thousand dollars on a fat bike, there are plenty of cheap fat tire bikes available for under $1,000, which will allow you to dip your toe in the water without spending a whole month’s paycheck to do so.

Are Fat Tire Bikes Better?

Fat tire bikes are not just the latest trend in bicycle fashion, but also a way for cyclists to tackle terrain where their traditional road or mountain bike might fail. Cyclists looking for an off-road experience with less wear and tear on their bodies may find this is the right choice for them. The wider tire can provide stability while also bouncing over bumps and rocks so the rider feels more comfortable during endurance races, making fat bike tires better when you need comfort.


Hopefully, I have convinced you that a fat bike is the way to go. They are comfortable, great for beginners and they can help you lose weight!