How Fast Do Fat Tire Electric Bikes Go?

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If you are in the market for an electric fat bike, you probably want to know what sort of speeds they are capable of. I can’t think of anything worse than being excited about getting a new electric fat bike and realising that I can’t go over 10mph on it! So to help you out, in this guide I will answer the question, How fast do fat tire electric bikes go?

For those looking for a quick answer…

Fat tire electric bikes on average will go at 20 miles per hour when on full-electric mode and are capable of up to 28 miles per hour when using pedal assist mode. If you are capable of riding faster than this, you are unlikely to feel any additional support from the electric motor.

Interested in finding out more about electric fat-tire bikes? Then read on…

How Fast Do Fat Tire Electric Bikes Go

What Are Electric Fat Tire Bikes?

A fat tire bike is similar to a mountain bike in design, except for the extra-wide or “fat” tires which can be anywhere between 3.8 inches and 5.5 inches wide.

Electric fat bikes are based on a fat bike design but include an electric motor. The electric motor is super high power, and most of these bikes have a battery pack that is huge. It is important to know that the electric motor on a fat tire bike is not the same as the electric motor on a regular electric bike. The electric motor on a fat tire bike is a much bigger motor that is much more powerful and faster than the motor on a regular electric bicycle.

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When Should I Use An Electric Fat Tire Bike?

While these bikes look a lot like mountain bikes, they’ll take you anywhere. Fat tire electric bikes are great to ride on the beach or in parks because their huge tires easily roll over grass and gravel without getting stuck.

They’re also fantastic for commuting and road trips, as they’re easy to pedal and can take on the roughest roads. And, if you’d like to go off-roading, a fat bike is the perfect vehicle for the job.

Fat tire bikes have always been a rather controversial topic among mountain bike enthusiasts. Some people scoff at them as they believe that they occupy the same space as a BMX bike when it comes to trail riding.

Fat tire electric bikes, however, are a different animal altogether. They’re a completely new breed of bike that doesn’t care how you ride it.

Are fat tire ebikes better than other bikes? That really depends on the situation you are riding. If you want a bike that can be used all year round in any weather, then they are better than most other options on the market.

Are They The Same As Mountain Bikes?

Fat tire electric bikes are different from regular mountain bikes. The difference is that they have a completely different purpose. A mountain bike is built to help you climb up the slopes of a mountain, while a fat tire electric bike is built for the urban environment. They’re also much more agile and can ride over bumps and small cracks in roads.

Are fat bikes good for mountain biking? Yes they are, but they are not as good as a dedicated mountain bike.

How Fast Do Fat Tire Electric Bikes Go?

Most fat-tire electric bikes on the market today have a maximum speed of around 20 miles per hour when riding using just the motor and up to 28 miles an hour when using power assist.

These bikes can go faster and the top speed usually varies from rider to rider, depending on their weight and how hard they pedal.

The acceleration rate of a fat-tire electric bike is the same as a standard bike.


Electric fat tire bikes are perfect for those looking for an alternative to a standard bike and many people see them as more fun and not as intimidating as a regular bicycle. Since you can ride up to speeds of between 20 – 28mph, this makes them very useful for commuting and getting fit at the same time.

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