Do Fat Tire Bikes Burn More Calories?

Cycling is a great way to burn calories, with cycling between 12-14 mph burning around 288 calories in just half an hour according to a study by Harvard Medical School. But what if you could burn more calories just by switching to a different bike? In this guide, I will answer the question, do fat tire bikes burn more calories?

For those after the short answer…

Yes, fat bikes do burn more calories than other bikes. This is due to the larger wheels increasing the rolling resistance of the bike, which makes you work harder for every mile you travel. Fat bikes also weigh more than other bikes, increasing your efforts even further. The downside here is that it is more tiring riding the same distance as you would do on other bikes, but if weight loss is your aim, a fat bike is a great choice.

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Do Fat Tire Bikes Burn More Calories

Do Fat Tire Bikes Burn More Calories?

Fat tire bikes have been a popular choice for a long time now. They offer distinct advantages over traditional road bikes but don’t let their unique style fool you, they also have some surprising benefits in the fitness department.

Not only do they get your heart rate up, but they also burn more calories than a road bike.

Is a Fat Tire Bike Good for Exercise?

A fat tire bicycle, nicknamed a “Fat Bike”, has a wide tire that provides stability on snow or sand.

The low-impact nature of the bike means that it can be used for longer periods of time without being strenuous on joints such as knees or back.

Fat Bikes are popular among mountain bikers, who may use them to make their commute to work or a trail less tiring.

Which Bike Burns More Calories?

Whilst road bikes might help you to go fast when riding the streets and out in the open air, they actually burn fewer calories than other bikes you can buy. This is because the aerodynamic, thin wheels create less drag and are incredibly efficient. Whilst this is great for riding long distances at speed, it doesn’t help with burning calories.

If you really want to burn calories, going off-road is the way to go. Mountain biking will burn more calories per mile of riding because of the increased difficulty riding on the terrain.

If you really want to burn more calories, a fat bike is the way to go. Take a fat bike off-road and you have a calorie-burning machine. Are fat bikes slow when compared to other bikes? Yes, but this might just be part of the reason why they are good for calorie burning.

How Do Fat Bikes Burn More Calories than Other Bikes?

Fat bikes burn more calories than regular bikes because they require a lot more energy to ride in all types of terrain. This is because the wider tires create more resistance, particularly when riding on flat terrains, such as roads and payments.

Another reason for higher calorie burn is the gravity of the bike. The bigger tires increase the amount of friction, which means more friction, which means more resistance. In addition to the increased energy used, the larger tire requires more pedal strokes to get the bike up to speed.


So the simple answer is yes, fat bikes do burn more calories. This makes them a great choice for those whose main aim is to lose weight, not necessarily to cover long distances.

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