What Is The Lightest Gravel Bike?

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Gravel bikes are the perfect choice for riders who want to enjoy riding without carrying a lot of extra weight. These bikes are often equipped with smaller tires that can handle rough terrain, making them ideal for exploring new trails and roads. But what is the lightest gravel bike and how can you make your gravel bike lighter? In this guide, I will look at how you can reduce the weight of your bike to give you a better ride.

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One of the best and lightest gravel bikes on the market is the Salsa Warbird. The AXS Wide version of this bike weighs in at just over 17 pounds and it a great choice for those who want a high spec, lightweight gravel bike. This bike is not cheap, with an MSRP of $6,999, but for this price, you are getting a top of the range bike.

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What Is The Lightest Gravel Bike

What Is a Good Weight for A Gravel Bike?

When it comes to gravel bikes, there is no definitive answer as to what the “correct” weight is. Some cyclists prefer a heavier bike for stability and others prefer a lighter option for easier pedalling. Ultimately, the weight of the bike is a personal preference. That being said, there are a few things to consider when choosing the right weight for your gravel bike.

First, think about what type of riding you plan to do most often. If you’re mostly going to be doing long rides on paved roads, you may want a lighter bike so that you’re not struggling to pedal uphill. If you are doing more off-road riding, however, you may prefer a heavier model that will be more stable on uneven surfaces.

Another thing to consider is your own strength and fitness level. Lighter riders may prefer a lighter bike that they can more easily climb up and down hills with, while heavier riders will be satisfied with a more robust bike that won’t feel so light.

Are Gravel Bikes Lightweight?

The bike industry is constantly evolving with new technology and designs. Bikes are now being made with lightweight materials that make them easier to ride uphill and over gravel roads. Gravel bikes have become popular in recent years because they are designed to handle a variety of terrain. They have wider tires that provide more traction and durability, making them ideal for riding on unpaved roads.

While gravel bikes are not as lightweight as traditional road bikes, they are still much lighter than mountain bikes. This makes them a great option for riders who want a versatile bike that can be used for commuting, weekend rides, and racing. Gravel bikes can also be customised to fit the rider’s needs, which is another reason why they have become so popular.

Not all gravel bikes are made the same of course and there are some manufacturers who make lighter bikes. For instance, Decathlon gravel bikes tend to be heavier than those made by companies such as Trek. This is because the Decathlon gravel bikes, whilst very good bikes, have been designed for mass production and keeping costs down. Trek bikes on the other hand are engineered for performance and as a result, will generally cost more.

What Is the Lightest Gravel Bike?

Finding the lightest gravel bike can be a challenge. There are many factors to consider, such as the weight of the frame, components, and tires. It’s important to find a bike that is lightweight and efficient so you can cover more miles with less effort.

There are a few bikes on the market that are designed specifically for lightweight gravel riding.

The Salsa Warbird is one of the lightest gravel bikes available, weighing in at just 17 pounds. It features a carbon frame and fork, SRAM Force 1x drivetrain, and hydraulic disc brakes.

If you’re looking for something a little less expensive, the Specialized Diverge Comp is a good option. It weighs in at 24 pounds and features a carbon frame and fork, Shimano 105 2×11 drivetrain, and mechanical disc brakes.

If weight isn’t your priority and you are more concerned about price, check out our guide to the best gravel bikes under $1000, to find a bike that is fun and affordable.

How Can I Make My Gravel Bike Lighter?

There are a few different ways that you can make your gravel bike lighter.

One way is to switch to a carbon frame. This will lighten your bike by several pounds, however, this is pretty much the same as buying a new bike, not making your current bike lighter.

Another way to lighten your bike is to switch to lightweight components. There are many different options available for lightweight components, including wheels, brakes, and cranksets.

You can also reduce the weight of your drivetrain by using a lightweight chain and cassette.

Finally, you can reduce the weight of your tires by using a lighter weight tire compound.


So there you go, there are many different types of gravel bikes on the market. Some are heavier than others. The lightest gravel bike is the Salsa Warbird. It is a carbon frame bike that weighs in at 17 pounds. If you are looking for a lightweight gravel bike, the Salsa Warbird is the one for you.