How Much Should I Spend On A Fat Bike?

Whether you’re a beginner who’s considering getting a fat bike or want to upgrade to a top of the range fat bike, you may be wondering how much to spend.  In this guide, I will answer the question, how much should I spend on a fat bike?

If you’re looking for a quick answer…

For beginner fat bike riders, you should look to spend around $1,000. Those who know they like fat bikes and want to upgrade from a basic setup should spend between $1,500 and $2,500. If you are looking to compete and need a super-light, feature-heavy fat bike, you can easily spend over $3,000 to get everything you want.

Interested in the longer answer?  Read on…

Are Fat Bikes Worth It?

Before we get into how much you should spend on a fat bike, you’ve probably noticed that fat bikes tend to be a little more expensive than other types of bikes with similar spec.  Before you splash your cash one, it is probably worth asking are fat bikes worth it?

In my opinion, fat bikes are definitely worth the extra money.  Whilst you might get more for your money with a mountain bike or road bike at a similar cost, there are some key advantages that a fat bike provides over other bikes.

The main advantage is that they can be ridden in the winter months.  This is because the extra-wide tires provide more grip when the ground is slippy and also help to compress the snow better when you are riding, making you ride more across the snow rather than through it.

They are also really versatile, with the ability to ride on pretty much any surface comfortably, though you may have to sacrifice a little bit of speed compared to bikes specifically designed for a particular surface (e.g. gravel bikes on gravel).

These two factors alone I believe are enough to make a fat bike worth the money.

How Much Should I Spend on A Fat Bike?

How much you should spend on your fat bike will depend really on what you are looking for and at what stage of your fat biking career you are at.  Below are a few tips, depending on the type of rider you are:

Beginner Fat Biker Just Starting Out

If this is going to be your first fat bike, you should try and spend up to $1000 on a fat bike.  This will give you a durable bike that will last you at least a few years whilst you decide whether fat bikes are for you.

One brand that excels in this price range is Mongoose Bikes, which offer a wide range of fat bikes at under $1000.  A particular favourite of mine is the Mongoose Malus, which is both durable and pretty fun to ride.

Check out some of the bikes in our guide to the best fat tire bikes under $1000, where you will find some other great bikes for your budget.

The Intermediate Rider Wanting a Quality Ride without Breaking the Bank

Maybe you have some experience with fat bikes and want to upgrade your current ride, or you know that fat bikes are the way forward for you and don’t mind dropping a few dollars to get a good one.

If this sounds like you, a fat bike in the range of $1,500 to $2,500 would be a good shout.  In this price range, you will get a bike with some decent specs and should expect to get at least an aluminium frame.  You are also straying into the range of entry-level e-bikes, which you might also be interested in.

The Seasoned Pro Looking to Save Weight and Get a Bike for The Long Term

If you plan to ride often and hard, you’ll probably want a bike with a decent range of specs and performance. For this budget, you’ll likely want a bike with plenty of carbon components.

You’re probably looking at spending in excess of $3,000 for a top-end fat bike that comes with all the bells and whistles.  Some fat bikes even cost over $5,000 for the lightest on the market.


When purchasing a fat bike, you should consider the features and materials used. A high-quality fat bike is built to last, and a high-quality model is worth its price. A high-end model will cost you more than a cheap one, so make sure to check the manufacturer’s warranty before purchasing it. While fat bikes are cool, they’re also heavy, and it’s important to ensure that you have the appropriate equipment for a good ride.