Are Fat Bike Tires Better?

Fat bikes definitely win style points when compared to other bikes on the market. But is it simply a case of style over substance or are fat bike tires better than narrow bike tires? In this guide, I will cover the benefits of fat bikes and fat bike tires are and whether they are better or not.

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Fat bike tires are better than narrow tires when it comes to balance and grip. The wider tires create a larger surface area in contact with the ground, improving the balance of the bike and increasing the contact points with the ground, meaning more points for the tires to grip the ground. Whilst this extra contact with the ground can slow the bike down in fair weather conditions, this is a bonus for those who want to ride to lose weight.

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Are Fat Bike Tires Better

Are Fat Bike Tires Better?

The following are some of the key reasons why fat bikes can be better than other bikes.

Improved Grip

The first advantage offered by a fat bike is that it has a larger contact area on the ground than a regular bicycle because of the wider tires. These wide tires provide more traction and resist riders sliding or falling off. Moreover, fat bikes are popular in colder regions, so they’re useful in areas with a lot of snow and ice.

Can Be Ridden in Any Weather

Fat bikes can be ridden in any type of weather because the tires have a high quantity of snow and ice as well as a low air pressure for improved traction on ice and snow. The fat bike was initially created to be used on snow, but people came to view it could be used for recreational purposes year-round.

Comfortable to Ride

As its name suggests, a fat bike offers a unique look that is described as “big and comfy.” The benefits go beyond just its new appearance, which is closely connected to its low tire pressure. The one-of-a-kind shape of a tire allows it to provide a more relaxing ride. A wider surface area provides a more comfortable ride because the pavement rolls around it more than ordinary tires.

Better Balance for Beginners

For beginners, a wider tire on a bicycle provides a better balance than a narrow tire. The wider tire has a larger area of contact with the ground, which causes a lower centre of gravity and makes it easier to ride. This factor has even greater significance for users with limited upper body strength or mobility. A low centre of gravity makes the ride safer and less fatigue-inducing, too.

Help You Lose Weight

More and more people are cycling for fitness and pure transportation nowadays. They cycle to fulfil one of these motivations — they want to lose weight or build up muscles. As a result, biking for fat has become increasingly popular. With more rolling resistance than a standard bike, it takes more effort to ride it, but the increased pressure on the muscular tissues can help you build strength and lead to weight loss, which is ideal for those who are watching their waistlines.

Are Fat Tire Bikes Harder to Pedal?

At first glance, you might think that fat tire bikes are harder to pedal because of their size. However, the truth is that it’s actually harder to ride on hard surfaces with these bikes. This is because of the rolling resistance creates extra friction and slows you down as you ride.

The good news is that whilst they are harder to ride on hard surfaces, they are awesome on snow, sand and ice. If you want to go off-road in mud, they also offer better traction than other bikes. This makes them much easier to ride when the conditions aren’t perfect.

Are Fat Bikes Good For Long Distance?

Fat bikes are great tools for winter adventures and short rides, but what about for your next long-distance trek? 

The term “fat bike” usually brings to mind images of snow-covered trails and icy lakes. But these oversized bicycles can be used all year round – and they’re not just for winter.

Before you invest in a fat bike, it’s important to consider your riding habits.

If you ride mostly on paved roads or paths, then the extra weight won’t make much difference. However, if you spend most of your time off-road, then you’ll need something that will handle rough terrain well.


So now you know, fat bikes are better than normal bikes for some things including beginners and those who want a fat bike for the extra balance it provides. If you are a beginner and just want a starter bike, check out our guide to the best cheap fat tire bikes to find an option that won’t cost you a fortune.